BIM Modelling Course Singapore – Basic


Pre-requisites Basic AutoCAD Skills
Type Classroom Training
Address 2 Gambas Crescent, Nordcom 2, Tower 2, #09-35, S757044
Duration 3 Days
Time 9.30am – 5.30pm
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BIM Revit Course & AutoCAD Course Basic and Advance for 2D Drawings

BIM Modelling Course Singapore – Basic

The objective of our BIM Course Basic is to introduce beginner modeller techniques and enabling students to create basic 3D BIM Models using Autodesk Revit software.Our BIM Course basic will cover all 3 disciplines of the Construction Industry:

  • Architectural BIM Modelling
  • Structural BIM Modelling
  • M&E BIM Modelling

BIM Revit Course & AutoCAD Course Basic and Advance for 2D Drawings BIM Revit Course & AutoCAD Course Basic and Advance for 2D Drawings  BIM Revit Course & AutoCAD Course Basic and Advance for 2D Drawings

Our class includes downloadable materials and training exercises that are designed to reinforce/retain new skills and engage students in active learning. Our training method makes sure that you are able to catch up by introducing a Practice Session after every topic, before continuing on to the next topic. We limit the number of students to 8 pax, so we can focus on quality graduates instead of quantity. Revit is a high-demand software skill in both domestically, where it is a requirement to submit in native BIM, and internationally. Learning to use it would expand your skills set greatly for future career opportunities.

Full Time Course fees (Classroom Training) stated are inclusive of:

    1. Unlimited Refreshments.
    2. Goodie Bag.
    3. Training Materials.
    4. Training Exercises.
    5. Workstations & Software provided (during Class only).
    6. Certificate of Completion (with at least 75% attendance).
    7. Access to Trainee Platform – WhatsApp & Telegram.
    8. Access to Freelancing Platform – WhatsApp & Telegram – Only by invitation!
    9. Chance to join CAD Drafting Singapore as a Full-time or Part-time Drafter/Modeller.

          Content of Goodie Bag


  • Our classrooms’ equipment and fixtures are SD Protective Coated.
  • Our classrooms’ training desks are spaced 1.5m apart from one another.
  • Masks to be worn at all time.
  • Contact us for more information:

Terms & Conditions

  • CDS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule public run sessions if the minimum enrolment is not met.
    In the event that the course is rescheduled, respective registered candidates will be informed via email.
  • All seats are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Full payment of course fees must be made within
    5 working days upon registration or before course commencement. CDS reserves the right to rescind any
    registration if payment is not received in full within the stipulated timeframe.
  • All Training seats are strictly non-refundable.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit

1.1. General Introduction
1.2. BIM and Autodesk Revit
1.3. Construction Flow Chart
1.4. Main Roles In Construction
1.5. BIM Modelling Process
1.6. LOD
1.7. Teaching Method

2. Overview

2.1. Overview of the Interface
2.3. Navigation
2.4. Select
2.5. Creating Views
2.6. Coordinates
2.7. Standard Terminology

3. Starting an Architectural Project

3.1. Project Templates
3.2. Starting a New project
3.3. Setting Units
3.4. Linking Methods
3.5. Linking Files
3.6. Pinning
3.7. Modify – Rotate
3.8. Modify – Move
3.9. Grid
3.10. Set Scale
3.11. Dimensioning
3.12. Grouping
3.13. Levels

4. Architectural Modelling – General Elements

4.1. Viisiblity Graphics
4.2. Columns
4.3. Walls
4.4. Curtain Wall
4.5. Floor
4.6. Doors
4.7. Windows
4.8. Ceiling
4.9. Staircase
4.10. Ramp
4.11. Railing
4.12. Roof

5. Architectural Modelling – Openings

5.1. By face
5.2. Shaft
5.3. Wall
5.4. Vertical
5.5. Dormer

6. Architectural Modelling – Room & Areas

6.1. Room
6.2. Room Seperator
6.3. Tag Room
6.4. Area
6.5. Area Boundary
6.6. Tag Area

7. Starting a Structural Project

7.1. Project Templates
7.2. Linking Architectural Model
7.3. Gridlines
7.4. Levels
7.5. Linking AutoCAD

8. Structural Modelling – General Elements

8.1. Typical Details
8.2. Pile Caps
8.3. Pile Drives
8.4. Columns
8.5. Beams
8.6. Slabs
8.7. Columns
8.8. Walls

9. Starting a M&E Project

9.1. Project Templates
9.2. Linking Architectural Model & Structural Model
9.3. Gridlines
9.4. Levels
9.5. Setting Work Plane
9.6. Finding Components

10. M&E Modelling – Electrical

10.1. Linking AutoCAD
10.2. Loading Components
10.3. Placing Components (Electrical Equipment)
10.4. Legend & Symbols
10.5. Cable Tray, Ladders & Trunking
10.6. Cable Tray, Ladders & Trunking Fittings
10.7. Conduits
10.8. Conduit Fittings
10.9. Wires

11. M&E Modelling – ACMV

11.1. Linking AutoCAD
11.2. Loading Components
11.3. Placing Components (Mechanical Equipment)
11.4. Ducting
11.5. Duct Fittings
11.6. Flex Duct
11.7. Air Terminal

12. M&E Modelling – Fire Protection

12.1. Linking AutoCAD
12.2. Loading Components
12.3. Placing Components (Sprinkler)
12.4. Pipes
12.5. Pipe Fittings
12.6. Flexible Pipe
12.7. Pipe Accessories

13. M&E Modelling – Plumbing & Sanitary

13.1. Linking AutoCAD
13.2. Loading Components
13.3. Placing Components (Plumbing Fixture)


“The instructor is patient to teach in different way to make you understand all topics. Best instructor with excellent Autocad knowledge.”

“I’m so glad I decided to take this course, it is especially useful for beginners like myself with no prior experience with Autocad. Instructor Kenn was friendly and supportive, he was very thorough and patient throughout, which makes learning so much easier. Please pass on my thanks to Kenn, he has been a great source of guidance and insight. The material provided is also easy to understand and informative. This beginner course is reasonably priced and I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Only feedback is I wish the projector in the facility could be clearer, the words are a little small making it hard to read at times. Having said that, it’s worth it. I finished the course feeling confident and is keen to take up more courses at CAD drafting Singapore. Thank you!”

“Kenn is very professional pertaining to course enquiries, very meticulous and patience. Will check on students from time to time to ensure we are catching up with the course. Looking forward to attending more course run by him. Well done.”

“Kenn is very professional in teaching Autocad, he can simplify with his teaching method to let us easier to understand how it works. Definitely learn many from him.”

“Class environment and The way of teaching is very very good. They are care with every students. I am fully satisfied in this course . Thank you”

“YY is a very good teacher, a very patient and dedicated teacher. We have time to practice after each topic. The only drawback is that the projection is not clear enough (I don’t see it clearly when sitting at an oblique angle).” – Siew Eng Ng

“The environment is awesome, and instructor Kenn Ng is well trained and tolerance for those who is slow learner. At such I didn’t use autocad before with a good instructor, I learned a new thing.”  – SITI HAZIQAH

“As a first timer in learning Autocad with zero knowledge, I really gain knowledge from this lesson. Apart from the basic, we learn extra shortcut skills that have been thought by the trainer Kenn which is very efficient. I love the atmosphere of the training centre which give me calm and peace. Overall, this is the best course that I have been attend without any fear or stress.” – NORHAZIELAH

“The lecturer Mr Kenn is an excellent teacher. His manner of teaching is fantastic, engaging, valuable and refreshing. He was very patient with everyone in the class, and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning autocad.”  – SAJAN CHRISTY PEREIRA

“The course conducted by Kenn Ng is thorough, step by step guidance. He made learning fun and easily to understand.” – Lee Li Wang

“It was a very good, informative, and well-conducted course with more advanced topics covered when using autocad software. The course is very professionally run and is recommended for students interested to learn more advanced topics in using autocad software to support their work in the office. The instructor is very helpful, engaging, and informed and provided good quality teaching through the autocad Advanced course completed. The learning environment created is highly supportive of learning the autocad software. It is very good, engaging, well-planned and helpful course that I had attended. Thank you.” – Jing Loke

“Very likely to recommend this course to my friend. Enjoy learning new skill from Kenn. Thanks! Look forward to advance class.” – Tan Tong Tong

“The course was very helpful and informative in guiding students to comprehensively learn in detail the use of autocad software at the basic level. The lecturers were very professional in their teaching, taught the topics very well and responded well to helpfully assist the students in learning the autocad software during the 2-days class, in every step of the way. The classroom environment provided was also very good and conducive in creating a good and quite peaceful and relaxing environment that encourages and nurtures students’ in learning, and in practicing autocad examples. Please keep up with the very good work. Thank you.” – Jing Loke

“Very good atmosphere and well teaching. Class environment and The way of teaching is very very good. They are care with every students.Iam fully satisfied in this course .Thank you” – Manikandan Subramaniyan

“Kenn is very professional in teaching Autocad, he can simplify with his teaching method to let us easier to understand how it works. Definitely learn many from him.” – TAN YU HUI

“Kenn is very professional pertaining to all course enquiries.  Very meticulous and patience and will check from time to time to ensure student can keep up with the course.  Well done.” – Heng Hsi Tong Regene