AutoCAD – Exam Preparation Course


The objective of our AutoCAD Exam Preparation Course is to reinforce/refresh the current skills of students and prepare them for their upcoming Autodesk Certified Professional Examination, making sure that they are ready for the type of questions and format to expect.

Our class includes downloadable materials and training exercises that are designed to reinforce/retain new skills and engage students in active learning. Our training method makes sure that you are able to catch up by introducing a Practice Session after every topic, before continuing on to the next topic. We limit the number of students to 8 pax, so we can focus on quality graduates instead of quantity.

AutoCAD is most commonly used drafting software across different industries and learning to use it would expand your skills set greatly for future career opportunities.

Pre-requisites – AutoCAD Basic Course.
– AutoCAD Advanced Course.
– Prior Work or School related Experience.
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Duration To be advised.
Time To be advised.

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Course fees (Online Training) stated are inclusive of:

  1. Training Materials
  2. Training Exercises
  3. Discounted Rate for Autodesk Certified Professional Exam.
  4. Chance to join CAD Drafting Singapore as a Full-time or Part-time Drafter/Modeller.


  • Our classrooms’ equipment and fixtures are SD Protective Coated.
  • Our classrooms’ training desks are spaced 1.5m apart from one another.
  • Masks to be worn at all time.
  • Free free to contact us for more information.

Terms & Conditions:

  • CDS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule public run sessions if the minimum enrolment is not met.
    In the event that the course is rescheduled, respective registered candidates will be informed via email.
  • All seats are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Full payment of course fees must be made within
    5 working days upon registration or before course commencement. CDS reserves the right to rescind any
    registration if payment is not received in full within the stipulated timeframe.
  • All Training seats are strictly non-refundable.

Additional information


– AutoCAD Basic Course
– AutoCAD Advanced Course
– Prior Work or School related Experience


To be advised.


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Available Seats

Course Outline

1. Draw Objects

1.1. Draw Lines & Rectangles
1.2. Draw Circles, Arcs, & Polygons

2. Drawing with Accuracy

2.1. Using Object Snap Tracking
2.2. Using Coordinates Systems
2.3. Creating Isometric Drawings

3. Modifying Objects

3.1. Using the Move & Copy Commands
3.2. Using the Rotate & Scale Commands
3.3. Creating and Using Arrays
3.4. Using the Trim & Extend Commands
3.5. Using the Offset & Mirror Commands
3.6. Grid Editing
3.7. Using the Fillet & Chamfer Commands

4. Additional Drawing Techniques

4.1. Drawing & Editing Polylines
4.2. Blending Between Objects with Splines (Blend Command, Continuity, Tangent/Smooth)
4.3. Apply Hatches & Gradients

5. Organize Objects

5.1. Changing Object Properties
5.2. Altering Layer Assignments for Objects
5.3. Controlling Layer Visibility
5.4. Assigning Properties by Object or Layers
5.5. Managing Layer Properties

6. Reusing Existing Content

6.1. Working with AutoCAD Blocks
6.2. Managing Block Attributes
6.3. Referencing External Reference & Raster Image

7. Annotating Drawing

7.1. Adding & Modifying Text
7.2. Using Dimensions
7.3. Adding & Modifying Multileader
7.4. Creating & Assigning Annotative Styles
7.5. Using Tables

8. Using Layouts & Printing

8.1. Creating Layout
8.2. Using Viewports
8.3. Setting Printing & Plotting Options