AutoCAD Basic Course, AutoCAD Advance Course, AutoCAD Exam Preparation Course.
Certified Autodesk Training Centre Classroom
Certified Autodesk Training Centre Classroom
Certified Autodesk Training Centre Classroom
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AutoCAD – Advanced Course (PWDs)


The objective of our AutoCAD Advanced Course is to upgrade existing skills to Intermediate or Expert Level and enabling students to create advanced 2D drawing using Autodesk AutoCAD software.

Our class includes downloadable materials and training exercises that are designed to reinforce/retain new skills and engage students in active learning. Our training method makes sure that you are able to catch up by introducing a Practice Session after every topic, before continuing on to the next topic. We limit the number of students to 8 pax, so we can focus on quality graduates instead of quantity.

AutoCAD is most commonly used drafting software across different industries and learning to use it would expand your skills set greatly for future career opportunities.

CAD Drafting Singapore Pte Ltd will subsidize this course for People with Disabilities (PWDs) only. Please provide Proof of Disability and email to

Pre-requisites – AutoCAD Basic.
– Prior Work or School related Experience.
– Must be a PWD.
Type To be advised.
Duration To be advised.
Time To be advised.

Course fees (Classroom Training) stated are inclusive of:

  1. Unlimited Refreshments
  2. Training Materials
  3. Training Exercises
  4. Certificate of Completion (with at least 75% attendance)
  5. Access to Trainee Platform – WhatsApp & Telegram
  6. Access to Freelancing Platform – WhatsApp & Telegram – Only by invitation!
  7. Chance to join CAD Drafting Singapore as a Full-time or Part-time Drafter/Modeller.


  • Our classrooms’ equipment and fixtures are SD Protective Coated.
  • Our classrooms’ training desks are spaced 1.5m apart from one another.
  • Masks to be worn at all time.
  • Free free to contact us for more information.

Terms & Conditions:

  • CDS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule public run sessions if the minimum enrolment is not met.
    In the event that the course is rescheduled, respective registered candidates will be informed via email.
  • All seats are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Full payment of course fees must be made within
    5 working days upon registration or before course commencement. CDS reserves the right to rescind any
    registration if payment is not received in full within the stipulated timeframe.
  • All Training seats are strictly non-refundable.

Additional information


– AutoCAD Basic
– Prior Work or School related Experience
– Must be a PWD.


To be advised.


To be advised.


To be advised.


Available Seats

Course Outline

1. Introduction

1.1. Edit and Manage Option

2. Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

2.1. Drawing Polyline
2.2. Drawing Arcs
2.3. Drawing Polygons
2.4. Drawing Ellipses

3. Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

3.1. Using Polar Snap
3.2. Polar Tracking at Angles
3.3. Practice (Topic 2 and 3)

4. Organizing Drawings with Layers

4.1. Layer On/Off
4.2. Layer Insolate/Un-isolate
4.3. Layer Freeze/Thaw
4.4. Layer Lock/Unlock

5. Altering Object

5.1. Editing with Grips (Add and Remove Vertex)
5.2. Fillet and Chamfer
5.3. Breaking, Explode and Joining
5.4. Polyline Edit and Spline
5.5. Offset
5.6. Array
5.7. Stretch and Lengthen
5.8. Practice (Topic 5)

6. Text, Annotation and Dimension

6.1. Editing Dimensions and Override Dimension
6.2. Creating & Modifying Tables
6.3. Creating Text Styles
6.4. Creating Multileader Styles
6.5. Continue and Baseline Dimension
6.6. Create Break line
6.7. Practice (Topic 6)

7. Hatching

7.1. The Gradient Command
7.2. Edit Gradient Properties
7.3. Custom Hatch (Super Hatch) – Express Tool
7.4. Practice (Topic 7)

8. Block

8.1. Adding & Removing Unused Elements
8.2. Rename Block
8.3. Wblock
8.4. Practice (Topic 8)

9. Analysing Object and Object Properties

9.1. Changing Object’s Properties

10. Reference

10.1. Attaching External Reference
10.2. Modifying External Reference
10.3. Practice (Topic 10)

11. Accurate Positioning

11.1. Coordinate Entry
11.2. Construction Lines
11.3. Placing Reference Points
11.4. Practice (Topic 11)

12. Setting Up a Layout and Print

12.1. Advance Viewport Option
12.2. Layer Overrides in Viewports
12.3. Batch Plotting
12.4. Practice (Topic 12)