In engineering design/validation process, calculation is always a key element. The accuracy of the calculation performed depends largely on the complexity and simplification assumed initially. For example, manual calculations are largely simplification of the actual condition with large safety factors to accommodate the complexity. Simulation Service uses computational numerical analysis such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analysis complex problems with high accuracy and reliable results in comparison to real world results. Analysis such as following can be carried out:

Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Computational Fluid Dunamics (CFD).
– Linear Static Stress Analysis. – Liquid and gas flow with heat transfer.
– Linear Dynamic Stress Analysis. – External and internal fluid flows.
– Thermal Structural Analysis. – Laminar, turbulent, and transitional flows.
– Frequency (Vibration) Analysis. – Time-dependent flow.
– Drop Test Analysis. – Subsonic, transonic, and supersonic regimes.
– Fatigue Analysis. – Gas mixture, liquid mixture.
– Nonlinear Stress Analysis. – Conjugate heat transfer.
– Nonlinear Dynamic Stress Analysis. – Heat transfer in solids.
– Fracture Mechanics Analysis. – Incompressible and compressible liquid.
– Motion Analysis. – Compressible gas.
– Multiphysics Analysis. – Real gases.

What is the price?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) from SGD1,800.00 to SGD30,000 per project.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from SGD3,000 to SGD30,000 per project.
*Price are subjected to change depending on complexity.

Any other quote options?

  • Per project basis.
  • Per manhour basis.

How long will it take?

3 working days for simple projects.
15 working days for complex projects.
*Delivery time are subjected to change depending on complexity.

Which software(s) do you use?

SolidWorks Simulation (Premium and Flow), Altair HyperWorks (HyperMesh, Optistruct, Radioss etc).

What will I get?

  • PDF Report in softcopy via email.
  • Professional Engineer endorsement on demand basis.


Virtual testing

Good Visualization

Increased Accuracy of Solutions

Optimized Stuctures

Better insight

Increased productivity

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